New Intake 2020

Start Your Floristry Journey with us now!  

Contact number :-

Penang(Main Branch) Tel: 012-4236374 (Lily) & 016-4116374

Butterworth Tel: 012-4087281 (Say Nah) 

There's just something about flowers that attracts people's love and attention, especially the ladies.A smile can always be brightened up with flowers. If you love flowers, making your designs and arrangements then this is the new hobby for you!

This is also a great opportunity for the gentlemen to learn a few extra skills to woo the ladies or to have a handmade gift for your beloved mothers and lovers.

Experienced Flower Instructores

The florist at Lip Sin Floral Art School are incredibly experienced and skilful as they have done numerous arrangements for special occasions to normal decorative flowers for home.

Various Classes Available

We have different levels of courses and classes which match with you. Other than that, the time is probably suits some of the industrial professionals in factory.

Tips & Techniques

Our course divided into three different levels which is

Basic floral Course

Intermediate floral Course

Higher floral Course

Professional Design Course

We also offer classes for Bridal Designs, teaching you how to make the very important Bridal Bouquet, Corsage Hairpieces and Flower Girl Basket.
Who knows you might be the next Wedding Planner!

Besides that, they also have Funeral Tributes (They will teach you to make a wreath, casket sheaf and a cross).