New Hobby For You

Turn your hobby into ART at Lip Sin Art Academy. We have hobby class for love flowers but not sure how to arrange?  Join us for fun and we will guide you.

                                                       NEW INTAKE 2023!

To find out more about Lip Sin Art Academy arrangement classes, please do not hestitate to get in touch by giving us call on 012-4236374 (George)

Experienced Flower Instructors

The florist at Lip Sin Art Academy are incredibly experienced and skillful as they have done numerous arrangements for special occasions to normal decorative flowers for home.

Various Classes Available

-Weekend hobby class
-Certificate class 
-Professional Design Class
-Wedding floral intensive workshop
-How to start a flower shop business

Tips & Techniques

What are you going to learn
  • Basic flower arrangements techniques.
  • Know the different variety of flower

In our flower workshop you will learn to make a beautiful

arrangement flower. We will talk about colour, texture, layering

and a few pointer that will make flower.